We don’t just talk about helping others, we help!

WE HELP PEOPLE! – It is the slogan that adorns the header of our website and that we follow in practice. When the state of emergency was declared in the Czech Republic due to the spread of coronavirus, it was even more intensely valid. In Milevsko we have an established sewing workshop for the production of sportswear. It was therefore no problem to immediately redirect part of the production to the sewing of much-needed protective drapes, absolutely scarce on the market at that time. Our company employs a total of around 500 workers. The primary task of the Milev seamstresses was to supply them with the drapes first. This was done perfectly and in a short time frame. And then the Mileva drapes could be distributed and offered to other interested parties, for example, the regular business partners of Otava, v. d.

Our company also remembers the needy, to whom the drapes were donated free of charge. Not only to seniors from the Milevsko area, but also in Český Krumlov. We have one of our six permanent locations there. The charity event took place in cooperation with the business partner of Otava, v. d., Mrs. Hana Benešová. She works as an international mountain guide for UIMLA and has roots in Český Krumlov and has been working with the Mileva sewing workshop for many years.