About us

Otava, výrobní družstvo

Otava, výrobní družstvo, was founded in 1952. It currently employs 500 people in six production plants in the South Bohemia region. Its main mission is to employ disabled citizens who would otherwise find it very difficult to find employment in the labour market. Today we have more than 300 such colleagues. 

Thanks to a responsible investment policy, we operate in our own buildings with more than 11,000 m2 of production and warehouse space. 

Our strengths

  • communication in Czech, German and English

  • Quality system EN ISO 9001 and 14001

  • own production facilities

  • 100% owned by Czech owners who are also employees of the cooperative

We offer

  • free production capacities for assembly and assembly of small products and parts for electrical and industrial companies

  • production of cable assemblies and cable harnesses

  • winding of transformer coils

    textile production (sportswear, workwear, home textiles, etc.)

  • production of bovdens

  • spot welding of electrical components (diodes, varistors, etc.)

  • inspection, sorting, packaging

  • replacement filling

We manufacture and help!