Samples from our production

Certified production of cable harnesses

  • Large and small series

  • Machine and hand processing

  • Cutting, crimping, soldering and tinning, taping, wiring, electronic inspection

  • Automotive, motorcycles, garden equipment, air conditioning units, etc.


  • Brake and clutch cables

  • Lawnmowers

  • Suspension systems

  • Motorcycles, garden equipment, medical equipment, construction and agricultural machinery.

Cooperative work

  • Packing of sachets

  • Sorting

  • Thread calibration, deburring, etc.

  • Inspection

Assembly and pre-assembly

  • Assembly of assemblies and semi-assemblies

  • Possibility of production on customer’s borrowed lines

  • Own pneumatic tools (screwdrivers, etc.)

  • Plastic and metal parts

  • Electrical assemblies

  • Furniture fittings

  • Possibility to create fixtures on a 3D printer

Coil winding

  • Manufacturing of inductive elements

  • Solenoid Coils

  • Toroidal coils

  • Inductors

  • Winding, tinning, insulating tapes, measuring, electronic control

  • Linear coils and transformers up to a weight of 1.5 kg, with a wire diameter of 0.06 mm to 2 mm

  • Crimping of pins

  • Vacuum impregnation with high temperature curing varnish

Textile production

  • Very well equipped with sewing machines including Flatlock machines

  • Sewing of sportswear, jackets, windbreakers, vests, jerseys, T-shirts, leggings, etc.

  • Functional clothing, technostretch, thermo, knitwear

  • Children’s clothing of all sizes

  • Pressing of reflective transfers

  • Cutting of parts

  • Own e-shop

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